How to choose lingerie gifts for Christmas

Choosing lingerie as a Christmas gift can be a minefield – get it right, and you will have a happy lady on Christmas morning, but get it wrong, and the potential to offend is huge!
Lingerie is a very personal and special gift, so it is worth spending a little extra for a special occasion – women can tell the difference between cheap and luxury. And it is important to buy something that reflects her tastes, as that way you will be giving her something that you know she will wear.
Never fear, we are here to hold your hand and guide you through our top tips for buying lingerie for Christmas, so you can be sure to put a smile on her face.

Before you start shopping, the first rule is to figure out her size. If you are buying a bra or lingerie set, then knowing her dress size just isn’t specific enough – you’ll need to know both the band size (say 34) and the cup size (say C). The best way is to discreetly check the labels in one of her newer bras that you know she looks good in and that fits her well.
To give you inspiration, think about the style and colour of lingerie that the lady in your life might appreciate – what shape and cut are her favourite pieces of lingerie?

Does she have a favourite colour, but tends to stick to the same underwear choices all the time? If she loves purple or turquoise clothes, then she might appreciate lingerie in the same colour. A beautiful lingerie set or teddy in the correct size, in her favourite shade, will make her feel special, and she will know you have chosen it with her in mind.
If that all sounds too complicated, don’t worry – there are plenty of other gift options to explore that don’t involve such complicated information, and can give you a little more leeway on size – a lingerie gift doesn’t just mean a bra and panties.

If she likes luxurious fabrics and sensual styles then why not treat her to a silky chemise, or a flirty babydoll instead?

Perhaps she already has plenty of pretty underwear – in that case, you could buy her a sheer, lacy robe to wear over top. Or a silky robe to make her feel extra beautiful, no matter what she is wearing!

A cute cami and shorts set in her favourite colour – from black or white to pastel and bright jewel shades – will be gratefully received.

In fact, nightwear is a wonderful gift, with loads of different options to choose from, and can be a good option for friends or relatives, not just significant others, or romantic interests!

A luxurious pyjama set is a great gift for someone who likes to spend the entire weekend in loungewear, or why not pick a gorgeous nightdress or robe in a colour she will love?

Whatever gift you buy, if it is in keeping with what she loves and wears, and you’ve chosen something special with the lucky recipient in mind, you can’t go far wrong!