Treat Yourself to a New Bra

Take an honest look at your lingerie drawer – what do you see? Greying misshaped bras, mismatched sets, items that no longer fit but you just cannot bring yourself to throw them out…

Sound familiar? Then it is time to treat yourself to a new bra (or two)!

New underwear can make you feel fabulous, even if only you know that you are wearing it. A well-fitting bra with the right level of support not only makes your clothes look better, but affects the way you feel about yourself – if you carry yourself better, you’ll ooze confidence, and that’s always a good look.

Signs that your bras need replacing include a band that is stretched out, even on the tightest hook; cups that are either too big or too small; straps that constantly need to be adjusted; underwires that are digging in or poking out (ouch!); faded colour or tatty trims; and disintegrating fabric or elastic.

You may even just find that your taste has evolved, or that you are keen to experiment with different styles of bra.

As well as experimenting with different styles, why not try a different colour – there are plenty of other options to choose from as well as traditional black and white? You wouldn’t wear just monochrome outerwear – why shouldn’t the same apply to your underwear?

Perhaps you have got a special new outfit where a bit of a cleavage boost is in order? A glamorous push-up bra can give you the confidence to be more adventurous with your wardrobe, whether it is a low-cut top or a plunging neckline while providing the support you need.

If you don’t own a decent strapless bra, now might be the time to invest in a beautiful, high-quality one – perfect for wearing under strapless dresses and jumpsuits or off-the-shoulder and symmetric styles.

Soft cup bras are comfortable and easy to wear, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t glamorous – far from it! From wispy lacy to more basic styles, there’s something to suit all tastes.

If you are looking for something unstructured and comfortable, yet still gorgeous and sexy, why not try a bralette? Soft, wispy, and lacy, they can be worn instead of an everyday bra for the smaller breasted woman who doesn’t need much support, but they make beautiful bedroom wear for ladies of all sizes!

If you are looking for a smooth outline when wearing T-shirts or vest tops, try a smooth finish bra – many have removable inner padding to create a push-up effect without the need for underwiring.

If you are the sporty type, how long is it since you bought a new sports bra? Like regular bras, they don’t last forever, and it’s crucial that your breasts are properly supported during exercise, whether it’s high impact exercise such as running or more gentle exercise like yoga. You should always wear a sports bra when exercising, as regular bras simply don’t offer the level of ergonomic support required. The great news is that sports bras can look great when layered under other activewear, and many are good looking enough to wear on their own!

Whatever bras you choose, don’t forget to buy matching panties to go with them – they’ll make you feel much more put together – even the simplest outfit will instantly feel more special. You’re worth it!