What the colour of your lingerie says about your mood

Wearing beautiful lingerie will make you feel incredibly special – it is flattering, alluring and can be a real boost to your confidence. But have you ever thought about what the colour of your chosen lingerie means? Here, we explore what some of your favourite lingerie colours can say about your mood.


White is the colour associated with innocence and virginity. It is a simple colour that feels clean, fresh and elegant, and is never overpowering.

But just because it is the colour of innocence, it doesn’t mean that you’re not open-minded or open to suggestion. In fact, those who opt for white lingerie are often the most willing learners – and the contrast of a very sexy lingerie style in innocent white can be an explosive combination!

Nude or Neutral

More of us own nude or neutral lingerie than any other shade. It might be considered boring but think again.

Women who wear nude underwear are generally relaxed, easy-going, and comfortable in their own skin – and they have nothing to hide…


Black has always been associated with dominance – it is bold, sexy, and powerful. Slip into a set of matching black lingerie, and you will feel sultry, seductive, and passionate.

It is a timeless colour that looks good on everyone, so if you’re usually shy, black lingerie can make you feel confident and capable of taking the lead. You can also play around with textures – from lace to faux leather – to add an interesting twist.


The colour red is associated with passion and excitement. A woman wearing red lingerie is never shy about asking for what she wants – maybe that is why it’s such a popular colour for romantic gifts?

It is a bold and dramatic colour – powerful, energetic, and guaranteed to raise your heartbeat! You’ll certainly be noticed – it’s been shown that men are subconsciously drawn to the colour red – and you’re bound to feel on top of the world.


Purple has always been associated with luxury. It is a sensual, sophisticated colour, and will make you feel like an absolute goddess.

It’s feminine and romantic, yet powerful and seductive – and the deeper and darker the shade of purple, the more flirtatious and sexier you’ll feel…


Pink is a romantic colour, usually associated with a gentle, affectionate mood – perfect for a budding relationship. It is very feminine, and those who choose pink lingerie are often perceived as the type of personality that doesn’t often take the lead but prefers to be led.

But the brighter the shade, the more exciting the mood – with pale shades of pink being seen as tranquil and girly, while brighter, hot neon pinks can make you feel like the life and soul of the party!

The best colour lingerie of all is in a colour and style that you love and that looks good on you. And if it happens to send a subliminal message to whoever is lucky enough to see you wearing it, then all the better!